imagesTethers, tremors, they rush through me

The web woven is getting tighter, stronger

The bars seem to be getting bigger

Or am I seeing things?

Broken glass is stuck in my feet

Motion is impossible

Emotions block my progress

Guts ripped out of me

They lie at my feet staring back at me

The smoke from my scorched heart

Stares back at me daring me

To do something

‘Why won’t you move, why won’t you heal?’

I block my ears with both hands

I don’t want to hear a thing

I have heard it all before

Aren’t I the most rational and logical person I know

So I know what’s best for me

But the damage here seems irreparable

So we remain locked in a battle of wills

Lost willsimages

When all is said and done

We stare at the maker and ask him to put us back together

From the divine, right back to the divine