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"the depth of me"

Fear on hell’s wheels

He told my fear to run, and like hell on wheels, that fear run back to its sender, the keeper of hell- Belial.

You might notice I call it my fear; well, it had held me prisoner for as long as I had lived, so yes, it had become a part of me.

Until one day, He spoke to me and told me to grow up and stop being a little child without knowledge of her origin.

He told me, ‘When I molded you, I placed many treasures within you, but fear was not one of them. It did not come from me, and because of that, it is an anomaly. I have given you courage, soundness of mind, and vision like mine.’

He told me ‘Remember whose you are. Remember who you came from. Look at me, and see who you are.’

And just like that, I felt a stirring within my soul, a yearning for freedom. I felt the raging clouds within me take a hike. Like the turning from one page to another, I felt the whisper of freedom and He guided my soul’s hands to grasp it.

Now here I am, fear free, and in the still waters, I have found a home.

The Paradoxical Song

I heard their voices singing sotto voce ‘At Your feet, is the highest place of worship’ and I wondered how that could be.

Then I remembered a school history lesson about a weeping woman with a broken jar. She wiped a man named El Elyon’s feet with her hair, with tears streaming down her face, a face that appeared raptured in absolute ecstasy. And I thought, they must know something I don’t.

And then they sung, ‘We humbly bow, yet boldly enter in’. And I thought, ‘what a contradiction! Surely boldness and being bowed low can’t both be contained in the same sentence.’

Their song continued with the words ‘Undeserved, yet welcome at Your table’ and I thought ‘This song is a paradox’, but they just kept singing, a song of One.

And the rhetorical questions too kept piling up. Because if someone is deemed unfit for one’s company, then the door must not even be opened to them, right? But in this man’s house, the more unfit one was deemed, the wider His door was opened.

And then I heard this woman belting out this song to an audience of thousands upon thousands ‘In this house, yet all alone with You’

So I turned to look around me, wondering if anybody else thought this weird. Clearly she was with us, so how could she claim to be alone with somebody we could not see?

And then she sang ‘I yell free, yet held within Your chamber’.

At this point I wondered if she was a prisoner of some sort fighting for her freedom and unable to escape.

But another historical writer, a King no less, wrote about a kind of love that ravishes the heart, takes over and makes one sick with desperate longing and desire.

So when she sang ‘Only in Your presence, only’, I finally understood what the Angels had been singing about.

So I decided to join in this indescribable expression called worship and my song went something like this ‘The time for love has long been here, so love me; and since Your glory wants to come here, let it fall, I want all that You want to give to me’


‘Yes, I am unraveling: but to what end?’ Why I ask the lover of my soul this question as I drift off to sleep is a story for another day.Truth is, I don’t have an answer yet, for He’s not finished with me yet.To become a child again once new life has been given you is filled with falls as you learn to walk, talk, and recognize Kingdom relationships through Anna Father’s eyes.So I have been unraveling for awhile now and can’t wait for the outcome.I know, in His hands, I will come forth as gold, for He knows all that concerns me.Job 23:10-11

Put a praise on “it”

Lather it sumptuously with honey,

slice into little pieces,

and add even more honey

light a furnace under it

Become it

Become God’s praise on the earth.

Be as He is

Dwell on His mind in you

Gaze on that glorious wonderful beautiful face

And endless springs of praise will overflow

You will find your heart has become heaven itself

I believe, I believe what you say of me

What- who have I but you?You have every heartbeat, every blink of my eyesevery motion, every impulseWhere would I go but to you?my homecoming, my homerunI don’t have words enough to describe Love like You, love like Yours

My cup overflows

Psalm 23:5-6 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. 6 Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.…

I looked about me

at the walls enclosing.

My eyes scaled their height and width,

for the overgrowth held my feet trapped

And I wondered about my saving.

I wondered “Does anybody hear me?”

“Does anybody see?”

And there You where

You said

“I have loved you with an everlasting love and wherever you are, I am too”

Here I now stand safe and secure for Your grace holds me now.

The One Eternal Bride Groom

My reflection is changing. The deeper I gaze into the perfection of your face, the more I reflect on the fiery flame of your eyes, the more I am transformed into you.

2 Corinthians 3:18

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.

From your face, I can’t turn away. Your presence robes me, and ensconced in your arms, I never want to leave.

Your holiness draws me in. There’s a warmth, a radiance, a purity- an absoluteness to your love.

Unreserved, without question, selfless, totally sold on me. You gather me to you.

You encircle me. Wherever I am, your eyes trail my every motion. In a crowd of billions, you see me; every detail. Nothing escapes you. Nothing happens to me whose outcome is not good.

Because you have chosen to dwell in me, wherever I go, I am safe.

Righteousness & justice are the foundations of His throne


Praise Yahweh. Over the last two weeks, God has been impressing upon me the revelation that His judgements should inspire worship, praise, honor, adoration and love; not fear, intimidation, weeping, despair, or rage.


If you focus on the book of Revelations alone, every time God passes judgment or sends out a decree concerning creation, all the creatures and peoples surrounding His throne fall face down and sing His praises. 


I will show you briefly that this is true.


When you stand before a judge waiting for them to pass judgment, you look to them with the hope that their judgment will be in your favor: now these are flawed, human judges.


Think of the All knowing, Almighty, Omnipotent, fair God, whose anger is fleeting, whose loving kindness is legendary and who sent His only Son to redeem us. That is a God whose judgements we should long for. The Psalmist says that righteousness and justice are the foundations of God’s throne.


If you and I consider ourselves Kingdom Sons, then we should emulate the angels, the elders, the living creatures that surround God’s throne. When He passes judgement, let’s worship Him, even through the pain. Even with the life leaving our bodies, we should look forward to the incorruptible body promised us.


I don’t mean to say that His judgments are painless: all I am saying is that God is good, and all that He does is good. 


God’s judgements are good, because He is good.

God’s judgements are not meant to cripple us, destroy us or cause us pain because His word says that He does not delight in our pain.

His word says that His plans are not to fail us, but to give us a beautiful ending.

God’s judgments are a reflection of His nature because He never does anything contrary to His word.

God’s judgements are meant for restoration, healing, justice, and are a reflection of His love and benevolence.

See Revelations 3:19

As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten; be zealous therefore, and repent.


Now let us start with Revelations 5:8

After Jesus takes the book with the Seven Seals which contain God’s judgments, the four beasts, and the 24 elders fall down before Him, each one with a harp, and golden vials with incense ( the prayers of the saints) and they sing Him a new song which you’ll find in Rev 5:9-14.


Continue to Revelations 7 after the opening of the 6th seal,  Verses 9-12 show us all the created things in heaven worshipping God, right after a judgement has been passed with four angels holding the four winds of the earth, their purpose to hurt the earth. However another angel comes to them and says in Verse 3, “Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads”


After the Seventh seal is opened in Revelations Chapter 8, seven angels stand before God and they are given seven trumpets. We use trumpets often in our worship of Abba Father. However these trumpets were an instrument of seven judgements to be released upon the earth. 


When the judgements are complete, we see all creatures once again fall face down, to worship Abba Father. See Revelations 11:15-17


God, our God knows you and I more intimately than we will ever know ourselves. He also loves us more than we or anybody else ever could.


God our God sees you, your pain, your despair, your loss, your shame, your rejection, and it breaks His heart to.


That is why He invites us to see our circumstances through His eyes. When you see God as He is, you can’t help but worship Him and adore Him.

But when you see Him through your circumstances, you will be overtaken by fear, anger, hate, discontentment and a host of other burdens you were not designed to carry.


There’s a reason praise is sometimes called “A sacrifice of praise” 


So whatever you see, or experience today, worship Jesus. He’s got the whole world in His hands, and He neither sleeps, nor slumbers.


My Beloved

6950315850_95ab912249_bI took a walk with Love today. We’d agreed to meet at exactly 4:00pm but I got to our rendezvous point at 4:01pm. One minute late. Our walks and our conversations are never the same. While He never changes, I am quite unpredictable.


Still I will take a moment to brag about Him.

“My Beloved is the most Beautiful among thousands and thousands. When He walks into the room……. words cannot describe the shift that happens. All I am, is drawn to Him as a dying woman for her next breath of air.”


As we strolled together, the wind in our faces, He talked to me about the coming of a righteous wind that would change everything. A righteous wind with healing in it’s wings covering all creation.


But before it gets too deep, when He saw me, with a smile as wide as heaven and earth combined, He swung me around in a twirl and sang me this song.


He sang to me “Sing you who was considered barren, you who bore no children: explode in song and extravagant worship, for your latter will be greater than words can describe. More will be your children, just like Hannah. Spread the wings of your heart and your vision. Make room. Spare no expense. Like the prophet’s widow, borrow as many jars as you can and watch what I’ll do with you.”


I gazed at Him, enraptured, transfixed at the fire and love in His eyes. His song filled my heart with so much light I wanted to explode in thousands and thousands of fireworks.


My Beloved is Wise and Glorious like that. Every word He speaks is like honey to my soul.


As He sang to me, I joined His song, in a harmony only God can orchestrate.


“My Maker is my Husband, His Name Lord of Hosts, His Name Holy One, His Name Kinsman Redeemer. The God of the whole earth. No more will I be called “woman forsaken, grieved in spirit, or rejected”. With great mercies my Husband gathers me to Himself. With everlasting kindness He now draws me close. No more will He be angry with me or rebuke me. Though the earth be shaken, His love and kindness will always be for me. Our covenant of love and peace is never ending. He’s robed me in majesty, in jewels on grace and glory. All my children will be taught of the Lord and great shall be our peace.”


My beloved sings such glorious songs. This is how our song ends in His beautiful voice.


“In righteousness you shall be established; you will be far from oppression for you shall nor fear and from terror for it shall not come near you. I am all around you. I am for you now and always. As I am, so is my promise to you- sure.”


Running through the fields together and as our stroll drew to a close, He drew me to Him and with a kiss on my forehead, He declared in a voice absolute and tender.


” Isa.60.1 – “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.

Isa.60.2 – See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you.”


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