It is said, a heart is not a home,

Without the one who gets you through the storm

I am homeless

Your heart is screaming, ‘no vacancy’

My pride, and bruised ego force me in the opposite direction

Rejection doesn’t go down well with me

I rent, and the houses are nice beautiful, even cosy and comfortable

The  atmosphere is peaceful,

And for a while I convince myself life is perfect

But every time it rains, I fall to pieces,

Convenience and reality often don’t ride the same bus

The roof is leaking

It’s a big world , I feel so small, so scared that the best thing is past

You don’t love me

There’s a sign on your door

‘No vacancy’ Emptiness sinks his claws into my heart

I am roaming the streets aimlessly

Can’t take a bow, won’t take a bow

I am homeless, and convenience

Won’t work.

The empty streets mock me, and embarrassed am hitting at shadows

Yelling at ghosts

I am homeless, hungry, angry and sad

Food tastes like bile in my mouth

I am homelessssssss

I am just homeless

And you don’t care now, because you never ever cared