GeraldKelley_HanselGretel_01He has pebbles trailing him, scattered in his wake

Like a ghost he prowls the lives of all those unfortunate enough to cross his path

He tears love apart, that is his calling

He’s attractive enough believe me, even a tide irrisistible

These pebbles unfortunately have hearts, so he takes a piece from each victim

Greedy fiend that he is, never tires of this game

Today he came all smiles, his eyes seeming to hold beautiful mysteries

The Gretels enraptured by his sparkling demeanor were so enthralled

They trailed him, asking questions, wanting to know everything,

Swooning when graced by a smile, his approval like a golden prize

January fell flat on her face

Now she is wining like a lost puppy,

Dragging herself across the stony hard earth

Imploring him to notice her, just to look at her one more time

She tugs at the helm of his trousers, fool that she is she hopes she can force him to stay

June is something else entirely.

January having poured her heart out to June

She goes armed for some spiteful bout of vengeance

Soon enough she is just another pebble for another who believes she can change him

Who do you think you are

Collecting your jar of hearts

Desolation lies in your wake

You prowl the earth shattering as many lives  as you will

Deception is your scarlet robe

You shine and glow with loneliness

Spread a little here and there

The more pain you cause, the happier you become however momentarily

You have learned to live half a life

You run around, leaving scars

Tears smeared with mascara running down faces

The mask removed, you leave your Gretels wanting you and hating you all in the same breath

But you know what?

You are human too, and when it comes time for you to truly need somebody

You just won’t know how to love them enough to make them stay

You reap what you sow, sowing pain will have you reaping desolation

Don’t play God, whatever you do

Respect them too.