Like moth to flame, the sound draws you

Soul, nostalgia, a taste of awesomeness

It draws you out, strips you bare

No words needed here it seems to be whispering

It is a language of the heart

The sound of the saxophonemusical-instruments-35v

With eyes closed, heart and sax united as one

Wail like a lost soul, squeezing all the emotion out of you

Yet leaves you wanting more, and feeling so full of

Sounds like heaven if you ask me,

No words are needed here

It is not just music, it is everything, so pure, so beautiful

At loss for words, I take a bow, because in this moment, I cannot fully capture this

Somethings were not meant to be said

Just to be lived, felt, embraced and adored

So with eyes closed, I let the music wash over me

And thank God I can relate and appreciate something so unearthly

The saxophone plays, and the spell is woven

Seating immobile, rendered powerless by the music, I sway to the music, dance_with_saxophone_by_baharckmk-d3fk1d7

Till the seating is not enough, so I stand and dance to the dance

It is a perfect world of music, just the saxophone, heaven and myself

This is divine, must be I tell you