I am talking about you

Right now, you’ve clutched your chin in a firm grip, even have your head hanging between your hands

Helpless, just helpless, and hopeless the words keep playing in your head, over and over again

Sometimes you cry because the silence is too loud, the solutions seemingly nonexistent

You lost a job, have no food, no shelter, wife left you, boyfriend threw you over, lost a major business deal

Lost a loved one, just how much worse can it get, you wonder

Hate your job, family is falling apart, everyday brings with it a fresh bowl of misery

The pain you feel has become a part of you, and every thought is a dagger to your senses

You in over your head, not where you want to be, so lost in pain, and frustration

You don’t notice the change

You call it coping, trying to take one day at a time

You’ve got lots of options of course, you could throw in the towel, sink into total despair, you could try to defy the odds, or you could just hang yourself

The options are all thereindex

Only you know how bad it hurts, but if it has hurt for so long, why should it be all in vain?

Of course you’re quite creative, but you just can’t fight off the gloom

So even when there’s a half moon, you just don’t see it

The opportunities come, but you don’t see them

After all a bird in hand is better than a thousand in the bush

Play it safe, your gut tells you to suck it up and sulk some more

Meanwhile, the rain falls, and the chill and wetness leaves you very cold and miserable

You won’t make a decision to make something of yourself, letting all the pain and frustration mold, youimagesThe stars of destiny kiss your cheek

You turn in irritation to brush off the disturbance.

People come and go, each with a different piece of advice

But just like Job, if you lose it all, the best you can do is have a little more faith in you, and your mker

That is an equation that never fails.

One you figure out the faith bit, then make a decision……………………………….