Somehow I find it hard to remember when for as I write this, I write for the future, and I write what I will remember when

Right here, right now, the future seems uncertain, but the heart holds true, and dear to all that she hopes for. Faith; sometimes I have underestimated the power of it, but as I write this, I hold great faith in so much and so many things.

You have no idea of course but here is what I plan to remember. The good and the bad, the tears and the hugs, the fights, knowing I have not done damage to the heart I hold dear because the memories pile up and when held so dear are impossible to erase. So now we are walking hand in hand, the sky is overcast, and there’s no forecast that we know of, so it is entirely up to us. We have made a choice to fly knowing each of us holds one wing, so we have promised to keep them safe, and to never tire of cheering us on. I am your strength and you are mine. So I need you to remember the smiles, the strolls the hugs and the kisses the longing in each other’s eyes. I want you to remember when I twisted my ankle and you stopped, let me lean on your shoulder so you could keep me safe. Remember that meeting you was somehow a beautiful surprise, remember that it was faith and love that brought us together, remember we wanted us to work out so hard, we fought to make sure we did, remember that we believed so hard we moved heaven to make us fated.

When you think of giving up on us, remember we were both a miracle and hard work, so fight with me, and don’t say goodbye, remember the tears of gladness, remember the truth was always for us to embrace, that we held all the cards, and that nothing anybody did or said was going to make any difference, remember that we pledged to leave no stone unturned.

Remember I was young so in love, and so were you, so nothing and no one mattered, keep in mind everything was what we made it, remember we defied the odds then, so why not now?

to us everything was a sign. and nothing was to hard or too much as long as we were together, remember that I lived for the next time I saw you, and so did you. Remember the nights apart, never knowing what we were missed, when everyday was to love anew remember the tears of gladness when your victory was mine, when your heartache was mine too, when nothing else but we mattered, when everything we did was for us to be better each day, remember the plans we made, we promised never to be sad apart but to share all, remember that I lived to shield you and you live to shield us both knowing there was  so much we did not know but we were ready to take on all, defend our territory.

You inspired me I inspired you and together we were immovable Heaven smiled every time we gave thanks to God because ours was a life blessed and molded in the creator’s heart to hold true for always.

So when you gaze into those eyes, when the sun is setting look back on our glory days look back to the time when the sun was so high in the sky it kept our blood pumping  so high we could hear it in our ears, remember we laughed so hard our chests ached remember that every obstacle was a chance to prove how much we loved, remember that we pledges to hold true and to defend never caring whether we were right or wrong as long as it felt right, remember that we vowed nothing would be too complicated, we were never to be too complicated for each other, remember we pledged our love everyday, remember we claimed a thousand lifetimes with each other remember when, remember when we fought and then stared at each other with so much love, you held out your hand, I wanted to stay mad at you but you made it impossible for me to stay mad, remember, we will not be sad but glad for all things remember never to stop fighting for us, remember when remember when remember when I saw you and knew at last…………. at last and my heart was glad, and that day I vowed in my heart to move heaven and earth for us to be, so when I forget and break your heart and tell you you are not worth it, remind me that you are worth every tear, every heart break , every sleepless  night. every dream and that you are everything to me, don’t let me forget that, remember, remember, we shall walk the walk together. living and learning through the curves, never daunted by hardship. Let’s both remember that coming together means we will fall apart sometimes but always back together remember our love shall be retold to all our generations because we have believed, believe and will always believe dancing heart to heart finding strength in each other’s heart beat, remember that for us there shall be no goodbye, yes we shall break but together we will mend, remember, always remember always to hold dear, remember always remember when…………………Tourist watch as the moon passes in front of the sun as it approaches a full solar eclipse in the northern Australian city of Cairns