Take a peek inside, preferably with one eye closed.  I have a feeling if you look with both eyes, you might not like what you see. So take one step at a time, depending on how strong your heart reflexes are. Introspection for most of us is a scary thing, so we gloss it over with any and every junk that litters the streets including food, pornography, comedy, lies, speed, sex, alcohol, work, and fake friends. All in a bid to escape that moment when you will be all by yourself, forced to face who you are. I am not afraid to be alone, neither should you. I f I can, so can you. Of course, too much of anything is sometimes not so good. There’s nobody here now. There’s just you, yourself, and you. So you shed the scales, take a hard look in the mirror, so busy debating whether to use a scalpel, or to simply add a little much more makeup. So as you debate, he sneaks up on you and convinces you it’s no big deal. So you grab your best outfit and out the door you go, with our scales back on, and now they have become a comfort, your best ally.