I close my eyes
My heart filled with unearthly flame
Overwhelmed by so much love
I long for your touch
For that lingering sensation
That so consumes me
I’m carried so far
Enveloped by his love,
The love of the divine

It’s unearthly flame
The love of Jesus
Whose desire,
Completes me with all consuming joy
It’s all bubbling and welling up
On the inside, the deepest part of my soul
Whose gaze arouses in me
So much peace and calm
In the midst of my battles
I am at home in his arms
And in my worst nightmares
The voice of the saviour awakens me
With unearthly flame

Knowing him,
I want for nothing
In moments of panic
He whispers the sweetest words
“Be still and know that I am God”
When trapped by enemy threat
He looks into my heart’s soul
And says,
“I’ll be with you always
Just don’t ever let go”
And I feel heaven in my heart.

He’s the saviour Jesus
Lover and friend to me
To you and me
The eternal unearthly flame
Friend, Lord, and Saviour
Unfailing and unconditional,
In his love
And in the shadow of his wings
We find solace
The unearthly flame
Takes me home
To the arms of the saviour.violet-flame-3-e1325019858563