Standing right here on the edge of the unknown
Standing on top of the world
See the world as it is before me
Feel the flutter of butterflies in my stomach
It is apprehension for what is ahead.
Right and wrong,
The lines seem a bit blurry
Little, small choices I have to make,
Follow my heart,
What is that anyway?

Crossroads, I am standing on the edge of all things beautiful
I can have and achieve anything I desire
But is it the best for me
Can I choose the best for me?
Or will I become my worst enemy
In my desire and pursuit of love and happiness
Can I do right by me?

Close my eyes and feel the wind caress me
Beauty fills my chest and it swells with joy
I have found the answers I seek
My heart, my head
Jesus at the center of it all
Therein lies my safety
Therein lies my success
Even when I go wrong
I know someone’s got my back

Standing at a crossroads,
Close my eyes and sigh in contentment
Knowing his arms hold me safe and secure.