Like the cool drops of fresh water,
crystal clear,
glistening in the fiery gaze
of the blazoned sunshine,
you shimmer with pure delight.

A ray of intense joy,
to all you touch, to all you meet
like the oasis in the desert
you are the lifesaver

Am amazed at you
being such an inspiration
to me, to all you see, you move
in unearthly ways
a day spent in your presence
is pure heaven.

A charm quite irresistible
beautiful pearls aren’t enough
to describe the wealth of your worth
you are beautiful sweet music
when the nights are long
when the cold winds blow
your smile breaks through
the wildest storms
you are the anchor for all who hold onto you.

For ever faithful,
never are any disappointed by or in you
never late, but always on time.
you are precious, pretty special too
and this song,
these beautiful words
could never quite even begin
to fully capture the measure, or splendor of your sovereignty.