Attraction can sometimes be for good, or for bad. Depending on who and what attracts you, the company you keep, and the small little choices you make will shape you. Excuses are there, and they will always be there, rationality too, if you please.

The reasons, and explanations believe me, they are endless. However, the truth is one, and it cannot change, it will not change.

The theories, they are there, and believe me anybody can make a convincing theory, and wield all the powers of persuasion on you, and you just might fall for all the empty talk.

See there’s something the bible tells me that often answers all things. Ever wonder what they mean when they say God will take the wisdom of the wise and turn it into foolishness? Or better yet, the wisdom of this world differs from the wisdom of heaven. So theories emerge with each generation, and with it, wisdom. One may choose to say there’s no heaven, and there’s no hell, but reject it or accept it, what man cannot tell us, our hearts do tell us. Often time and time again, truth is staring right in our faces, but then temptation too, money, sex, wealth, and the ultimate contender, the search for love, so we embark on the road to self love, self justification, self righteousness, utmost intelligence. We convince ourselves that what we have always known to be true is actually mere fabrication to enslavement.

Then again, we forget that whoever is telling us that what we have always believed is false, is the same person who has led you to believe what you have always believed.

So why the fear, why is it so easy to latch onto what is most hurtful? Is it because of the notion that where there’s no pain, there’s no gain? Is that why we are quick to doom ourselves?

So tell yourself what you will, believe what you will, but it boils down to one basic thing, the small little choices we make, and the truth is always close, never far. In the sun and moon, the rain that falls, the dawn and sunset, the beautiful genuine smiles of those that love unconditionally with no ulterior motives or hidden agenda, the cycle of life and family, tales of magnificent unimaginable happenings, the sensations you experience at the touch of another, the heaven and peace that fills you if you let it.

Call it science, whatever you choose. But if it is science, why has there been no other human race or world been made by the brilliant scientists we know? Why do they choose to merely attempt to copy and imitate without any success?

I don’t know about you, but I will not be sucked in by trend, and hearsayImage.