It felt so good to be alive! Everything was falling in place perfectly, with no major huddles. It was a Sunday evening, and the sun had set, leaving a warm glow that swept everything in a golden haze, the gentle wind blowing like a kiss of life on an evening still too hot for comfort.

In Nakasero, all was silent, with most families in doors, tucking in the weekend, preparing for the week ahead, and a fresh start.

Mukulu was restless, he just couldn’t sit still, so he chose to go for a stroll, walking along the streets, circling the hill, past Sheraton hotel, to cafe Ballet, as he breathed in the smell of the evening, letting the silence steal over him and still his troubled mind.

Around him, the streets were clean, clear, and descent, it was what you’d call an area for an exclusive bunch, the cream of society; then he looked back to the day he had walked to Katanga for a research assignment, remembering the ghastly sight that had met him.

Mukulu remembered the trenches and sewage running right in front of the people’s homes, the stench revolting, the houseflies, the children covered in filth, rubbish dumped every few feet, and the contrast took his breath away.

‘Is there nothing that can be done to better the lives of these people?’ he recalled the campaign he was running, contemplated his manifesto, and remembered that his opponent had way too much leverage over him, having gathered all the right people, with influence and rallied them to his cause.

Mukulu sincerely wanted to make an impact, but he was also aware that he couldn’t win the election

This messed up place is called earth

It is filled with so much, so much that one cannot comprehend

In one taking if you tried

A mind blowing series of events

That remain incomprehensible

It seems a God-forsaken place, that’s what

A goddamned place to live

Full of such promise one moment

Filled with so much love once

And yet hopeless the next

Aggravatin’ in every sense.

Ever felt so vexed to bursting?

If not, think about life, about humanity.

If yeah, then be glad, for when vexed,

One can think and contemplate reality as is

If always jolly, it is out of the question

One will think this world and this life perfect heaven

And there’s a problem there

But one knows better,

This is one lonely place that we are damned to live in.