BRUISED DOMES DOMSTIWhat makes anyone violent you wonder.

Is it a lack of compassion, is it sheer cruelty, is it a lack of confidence and a desperate need to prove and ascertain authority, or self preservation? The excuses and explanations will be given always. Whether self defense or something else, alternatives ought to be sought and found.

True the moral fabric and moral conscience have worn thin, and perhaps we can fool ourselves into thinking that African culture obligates a man to prove himself often enough by hitting a woman, believe me the excuses are endless, and you can justify it all you want.

Truth be told, half the time you are hitting someone, you’re secret wish is that they remain weak and should never retaliate, you try your damnedest to reduce them to sniveling shells that cannot defend themselves.  So they cower whenever they so much as smell your presence, because you have invaded their minds, and have become a living nightmare that never strays.

Generations come through your offspring and the violence just like an inheritance is transferred from generation to generation. Your offspring scatter and fill the earth and wherever they go they sow the seeds. So you gather, and scratch your heads, looking for solutions, which might never be found, unless you restore the moral conscience, that sense of responsibility to another other than self.

Rules, laws, punishments aren’t solutions. Bring the community back together, and appeal to their sense of humanity, so they take this as a personal responsibility to choose to protect, rather than to hurt. Because it takes plenty of strength to love, to care, to protect, and to cherish.