And once again I take this walk
That I’ve taken before
Oh so farmiliar
I smile at me, amazed at me
The sky is an absolute beauty
But your presence always made it so much brighter
So I remember those words
you so often said to me, sang to me
As I tread this memory lane

See it’s now that you’re so far away
I go to these same old places
Just to see your face
Just to embrace your presence
Down memory lane
I close my eyes, and the picture so vivid, is complete
For once upon a time
I felt found in you
Hmmm if only you could see this picture………..

Now my heart’s in pieces
But some how you always knew how
To keep it all together
Wonder if you remember how we sang together,
The way we moved
To the rythm of one heart beat, our heart beat
Our smile, our gaze
The dreams we shared
As I walk down memory lane
Momentarily in my mind’s eye
Feels like yesterday.

For it’s you I want to see when I open my eyes
I want to breath you in
And when I close my eyes,
May I see you in my dreams tonight.