Tell me your dreams again, he said. So I did………………………………………

In my dreams are claws that shred skin and draw blood. Shadows long that grow with each stride and dark mists that hide the sun.

Last night I had a vision of him, oceans away.

The sky was varying shades of red, the river between us a black swirling, boiling mass of mystery beckoning.

My feet tasted glass, and my skin felt as though recently dipped in boiling oil.

When I looked at my chest, a gaping hole stared back.

He held my beating heart in his hands ready to crush it.

Beside me a caged nightingale moaned her freedom;

And lightning and thunder crackled and rumbled above us.

He lifted my crux, ready to cast it into the sea.

I fell on my knees, my life force slowly slipping away as he squeezed the life out of my faintly beating heart, oblivious to my outstretched hand.

His eyes I could not see, as the mist thickened and wove its web about me tighter with each tick of the clock.

Soon enough I was hanging by the thread of the mist, suspended in the maze, in a daze.

As consciousness deserted me, I heard footsteps and opened my eyes certain help had found me.

In the face that looked a little like the Angel Gabriel.

But he flew over me to the other side and together they ripped my heart in two; each now holding me captive.

I closed my eyes, ready to die. In spite of my white flag.

But a flicker of light, a torch; came on, and I thought maybe there’s still a way out of this hell.