I can see it now. Awake, asleep-I dream daily of it. Dream of songs that like lemon drops or honey drips, will melt all my troubles away and give me wings to soar with the wind.

In my mind’s eye, visions of angelic voices and souls dancing to one song. The song of the divine.

I heard someone pray God bless them with a ticket to the festival of all time.

Another wished for a magical wand to wish the days into oblivion so the day would dawn to the festival. Schools bought tickets for their students to be part of the dance with the divine at the festival.

I overhead some retired generals getting excited about kwepena, sack racing, and Duulu.

Everyone. Everyone wishes upon #phatfest16.


I have my T. Shirt pressed and ready, but looking about me, more and more can’t wait for 10th December and are wearing theirs already as though to remind themselves it’s no longer just fantasy.


cx8cehbwiai8yawMy neighbor told me she bought her ticket at quality supermarket, and my cousin through payway, and twitter and face book won’t stop talking about it.

I see it written in God’s hand, shooting across the sky. I have to be there.

Once upon  a time legendary King- David tore his clothes off to dance for the greatest King of all.

His son and heir King Solomon has written endless songs of love and expressed passionate love to the divine.

They gave; withholding nothing.

Now that #phatfest16 is here, I will sing and dance for the King of all.

I see it now as it will be. Zabuli. Chris Erroh. Ruyonga. D. Reign. Holy Keane. Sobre. Majic Mike. Tio.

I almost forgot those surprise artists who cannot be named- just yet.What a collection of treasure troves.