Perfection takes on a new ring, at the thought of you

The wealth of your love has no mysteries- unrestrained-wild-free-endless-timeless.


from dusk to dawn, its hurricane does not overwhelm.

It’s all shades, paints, and hues, running blood-red, and burning fierce as the furnace Daniel’s friends braved.


Giants cower at my approach, oceans part before me, and death runs like a headless chicken.

Your love is the ripped scarlet curtain allowing me unfeterred access to the rock of ages.

Your love is the forever outstretched golden sceptre – free entrance to the King of Kings.

For me, your love turned its back on a crown of countless invaluable jewels,

choosing a crown of thorns.

Your love is proud to belong to me- authentic- it does not tease.

It will not end- renewed with each breath I take-

It is untouched by human definitions – surpassing all intellect-

You don’t give your love in pieces-

consumed- whether I sink or swim-

I am content in my brazen obsession with your love


I am dancing in the unfiltered light of your love on angel’s wings

Wearing Esther’s crown I twirl to my King’s heartbeat.