I hate possibilities. Because you see the pendulum could swing either way.

Choices. All about choices it is said.

I could look left, look right, look left again before crossing the road, and still get run over by a car.

It’s those possibilities you see. The never knowing for certain. The what if.

Because you could make all the right choices, but ram into the next person who’ll upset everything.

Either they can’t keep time, are too impatient, don’t share the same values or couldn’t be bothered either way.

It could also be just you – all alone with your mind forever second guessing you.

All in a bid to get it right.

Those sands of time that flow at their own pace and blow whichever way.

Endless possibilities that just want to be left alone.

The bible says tomorrow should be able to take care of itself, but it also tells you to plant the seeds for the food you are to eat tomorrow.

So you see because of possibilities, I vote Faith in God, that is the only certainty. Everything else changes.