Cloud soft, as only the wind can be-his touch on my cheek

intuitive as only the divine

eyes brimming with devotion and adoration

forever outstretched, his arms beckon me

In the shadow of His wings, I am sheltered

As I touch my stained lips to his feet

I taste the salt in the mark of the nails that marred his perfection

for my sake.


I feel undeserving this day

so I run from the King of all Kings

away from the Golden Sceptre of the lover of my soul

But He runs even faster through time, trading His life for mine.

You see there’s nothing I won’t do, won’t give for you beloved

He tells me.


Gentle as an afternoon breeze

His love anchors me,

His passion evident in the fire and storm of his eyes

that never stray from a hair on my head

King Jesus.