God is not surprised and He is in control.,
My worth is not based on my accomplishments.
Take the lemons and make lemonade.,
Function as family, but let kids be kids
Do not parent from fear.
God’s dream for my children is better than mine.

Beauty for ashes, beautiful, simply beautiful thoughts and lessons here, thank you for sharing.

A Holistic Journey

In 1996, God gifted our family with a precious baby boy. Just like his two older sisters he was perfect in every way. But when he turned 15 months, we started to notice him “fading” and “pulling away” from us. At three-and-a-half, Justin was finally diagnosed with severe autism. Our world shattered.

Beauty and brains are supposed to make for a winning combination in the future of a woman. From a young age I was taught hard work would make the most of these two elements. So as a little girl I wanted to be pretty and smart, and was willing to work as I needed to. My parents moved the family from Hong Kong to the United States when I was 12 years old. With only an elementary school education, my parents spoke very little English and worked long hours. I was the first in my family to…

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