True, I have often wondered why we women when called upon to support each other, instead we look at others’ progress a competition, and tear each other apart with jealousy, instead of strengthening the fragility that coats our freedoms and achievements.

Even when we are the majority, we reject that strength and continue collecting weaknesses and conflicts. It baffles me.

Nikki Skies

I am a feminist. I’m kind of late to this designation, at least in my eyes. I’m less than five years south of 50, and I’ve only recently recognized the utility of feminism. The necessity. In fact, I firmly believe that as Nigerian author and feminist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, has written: “we should all be feminists.”

Way more often than I think we’d be willing to admit, however, women often fail to provide the support and nurture we want and require from each other. We fail to adhere to what seems to me to be a basic feminist principle, which is that women support each other on the basis of our shared oppression and struggle. But we don’t always do that. It’s not that we try to throw each other under the bus – not always. But in general, I’ve begun to believe that we harbor in our hearts so…

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