A Child mother pondering her next move‘What doesn’t kill you makes you so much stronger,’ such a cliche

she stands there wondering, how will I feed my baby? A mother’s instincts, whatever the age seem to be the same.

the barren earth she stares at offers no answers, and so she ponders, because that child she carries out to be cared for. But how does a child take care of a child?  Is she to only hope then, or has she even forgotten how to hope? Somehow, we have failed to take care of our own.

Every time I see someone lend a hand, it brings tears to my eyes. Because in real life, it is so rare to see and experience kindness, or even to give it, even when it is within our hands to.

You hear their cries, but remain deaf to them. You see them abused, but because it isn’t one of your own, you turn away, and do nothing, blame the government, after all, it is their responsibility, not yours.

You hear your neighbor scream, but because you don’t feel the pain personally, then it is none of your business.

So the pain, abuse,  and suffering goes on, right under your nose, but you turn the other way, as long as it is not one of your own?\

Then you ask, what kind of God allows this kind of pain? You forget that it all stems from your choice to do nothing. After all charity begins at home.