MAKEY TIMEShe wears plenty of makeup, and you think her witless, seemingly obsessed with outer airs, and you are so sure her intent is to turn you on. Somehow she will deflect that, and focus on her own intent.

You move to strike her, and she lets you. As a result, you feel invincible, the man of the season. You yell at her, and she’s silent, her head down, as though she has lost the ability to speak.

She turns the other cheek, not because she is powerless, but because she is so much stronger than you will ever be. Her humility will be your undoing, because guess what? When the tigress rears her head, you won’t see it coming.

So beneath her lashes, is a world of planning. She is never without a plot. Woman that she is, will let you have your way, exhaust you, and when you feel you have done your worst, and run out of tantrums and antics, back  and spine straight she will stand and glare you down.

With a woman of few words, you will only look and know your punishment.

After all, the eyes are the window to the soul, so be careful how many tears you make her shed, because once shed, they cannot be taken back, beneath her lashes is a wealth of wisdom, courage, strength, and above all, lots and loads of love, if you know how to inspire it. Then she will give you the world, if you inspire vengeance, shame and inadequacy, she will give you hell.