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"the depth of me"

under my skin #Ugblogweek




It tingles.

Shimmers right before it explodes;
Just underneath my skin-
In its wake goosies, restlessness, a spongebob head
It’s obvious you’re meant for me.

My crux swells, and am short of breath
Whoosh I have to slow my breathin
So I don’t suffocate
There are bugs crawling just beneath the surface
can’t keep still
and everything but you recedes further and further
till I am oblivious to all ‘cept these sensations.


Did I just ran a marathon unawares?
Feels like I am standing outside myself
And watching me from the side
Losing myself till
Even I have ceased
But the love bugs persistent tease my senses
And render me immobile.


Just under my skin
A furnace of seven suns melts every pore of resistance
And I pour all over you
Flesh and bone
It’s obvious you’re meant for me.

Shards of your Love #Ugblogweek




We ran into each other in the parking lot of Serena hotel. Not our first chance encounter.

Seeing you, standing next to you, talking to you for that spell of three minutes;

I could swear my heart beat faster than time itself, as I memorized each inflection in your tone.

I remember my legs move of their own volition to you, and for a change I didn’t contemplate that seeing you for so short a time would rapture my heart to shards.

The world ceased and all I could do was feel as you stared deep into my eyes; excited as I was but unable to reach out. My head spun, tangled in threads of emotion unfathomable and while there was so much to say, I was content to just be with you.

Words could wait.

You smiled. Surprised. Pleased at our chance encounter.

Later, standing in the International Press Room, I watched you drive away with my heart.

I don’t see you often, but not a breath goes by without my mind, heart and body whispering your name.


But for now, Pieces of your love blow my way, carried on the wings of the wind.

A call, an accidental meeting, a whatsapp text, or a drop in my text messages

A meeting where only our eyes do the talking

Sometimes a writer will write about you, so I get a glimpse of your picture in a newspaper or on my TV screen.

Pieces of your love; bread crumbs I get to keep me dancing to a tune I can’t resist.

A fire smoldering beneath my breast bone; the shadows in the flames neither dark nor long enough to conceal stray thoughts; all of them-

Everything else is an echo. Only you.

Reserved, restrained, almost wild but not quite when you’re with me

Black and White #Ugblogweek




I took a trek down memory lane, certain a vital piece of me had chipped off and tangled with the sands of time.

Certain the hour –glass was all churned up and spiraling out of control because of my mistakes, I carefully retraced my steps.

I was careful not to make any sudden unnecessary movements, lest I unsettle whatever last chance I had to put things to rights.

So I tiptoed-looking right, left, up, down- all in a bid to keep a grip on all the corners of my universe.

It couldn’t fall apart again. I wouldn’t let it.

But what struck me first was the crowd of people all around me. Each desperate to reclaim the good old times.

Some had swollen ankles, others bruised toes while most had cried themselves to numbness.

A woman before me eager for the time she’d been heavy with promise before the loss of her baby tried to reach out for the moment before it’d all fallen apart. To immortalize it so the joy would stay. But it rode out of reach on the wings of the morning mist.
And she kept jumping high as she could, but the past was past.

Then it dawned on me, no amount of going back in time would right whatever was already done. The salt I tasted on my tongue right then, regrets wasted.

As the hourglass tumbled to the floor, it occurred to me that I need to rush to the present and make sure to make every moment last forever.

No beginning….. no end…. #Ugblogweek



My heart rejects comfort tonight.
She’d rather be ripped out:
says comfort is salt to the wound;
a pat on the back she will not have.


You can’t break something that isn’t she says
So if  shredded, obliterated and crushed underfoot, then-
all the pain will be gone forever.



It is still too early. I know because I feel the damp  cool fingers of morning dew brush my tilted face. But my face feels hot. Some of the thoughts behind it.

Dreams of the night before. Interesting surreal stuff.

I was first lady of the United States of America. It was Michelle Obama’s fault.

It all started at some kind of charity event. Children. Lots of security.

She was taking me to the head of security to ensure my credentials were entered into the system.

He seemed surprised when I introduced myself. But quickly responded when he realized it was true.

Later we went to the White house. And all this time everyone seemed to fall in line behind the authority that had me there; even though to me it seemed unreal.

I examine the still dark sky for a sign this day will be beautiful. There’s music. Happy chirps, and squeals of delight from birds that herald this day with me.

‘Will this day be great?’ ‘Will this day be special?’

But before it sneaked up on me in the throes of a befuddled unconscious state of mind, I did not know I dreamed.

Hmmm. Deep breath. Whatever face this day shows, I am ready. Because dreams do come true.



I wanted the sun to shine in the night

I knew it would

because if anybody could bring the sun, you could

I wanted to remain dry in the heat of a hurricane

certain with you, anything is possible

I saw my wings every time I looked in the mirror with your face next to mine


You see, I saw the sun in every night

all you had was to look at me

and the stars would burst in song

all my senses alive with you

But you are an Illusion I can’t let go of.


And no, I don’t care for my heart now

its blind alleys leave me for dead

I can’t hold on, and yet I can’t let go

of my sun in the night




The colors are screaming red. The tires are screeching to a halt on the gravel. Light is exploding in my brain, my vision blurred with mist. I shield my eyes from the glare of the moon with my wrist.

Morning is a long way off, but I have to go. If I had the strength to let you in, I should be strong enough to let you go.

The stars stare at my still form now, on this quiet night and mock my shaky resolve.

They bear witness to what you no doubt can never see. The tears are clogged in my throat. I cannot let the moon see any more than he already has.

He might whisper secrets has has no business revealing.

Who says love should break me?  Logic fled my company ages ago. Because these steps I have taken with eyes closed.

Don’t ask me why.  Whether or not this is strength, I knew I had to let you go at some point.

But the road I stare at in this twilight is an empty one.




My truest taste of wine, was off your lips. Deep in your mouth I found my tongue wrapped in the most exquisite love play.

Bursts and flames of sun and light and heat obliterated everything. Now drunk on you, I keep falling deeper each day.

A little unsteady, I am floating among the strings of the music you play.No more me; but an extension of you; only running as far as your arms’ length to be pulled right back.

Before I roamed, chased and hounded love. Love eluded me in turn. He circled me, baited me only to drop me a thousand feet with no safety net.

Like the wind parts the folds of red rose petals, your hands roam the walls of my heart, filling voids I didn’t know holed up inside me.

Light as the wind, caution is lost in translation.


Now the curtain falls and we both rush to pull it back up.

Piece by piece it all comes together. You on the first and last page and every moment in between.

Thoughts, hands, souls, skins aligned no breath in between.




Let’s go to the place-
where flowers don’t wither and die but live forever
and when we ride the peak of sun-
our passions don’t scorch us to extinction

let’s make our home beyond the moon and stars
warm airsoft clouds our bed- devoid of thorns





A light bulb that warms my blood till my skin is clamoring to be shed.



the time is never quite enough with you.

I sought logic’s counsel when I met you-

but logic deserted me upon diagnosis.

I forget every caution- my heart beats more than a little bit faster-

even my hands are not quite steady-

when you’re near.


And yet-

this cannot be-

You cannot be –


And yet you are-

that restlessness that will not let me be-

that impossible endless sweet dream at all hours-

awake- asleep-

your hands-
paint a universe for you and I-

where time stops and starts again-

at the sight of you-

at the sound of your voice-

in the warmth of your embrace,
mutima gwangye.unknow_lovers_by_guilhermegn

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