He told my fear to run, and like hell on wheels, that fear run back to its sender, the keeper of hell- Belial.

You might notice I call it my fear; well, it had held me prisoner for as long as I had lived, so yes, it had become a part of me.

Until one day, He spoke to me and told me to grow up and stop being a little child without knowledge of her origin.

He told me, ‘When I molded you, I placed many treasures within you, but fear was not one of them. It did not come from me, and because of that, it is an anomaly. I have given you courage, soundness of mind, and vision like mine.’

He told me ‘Remember whose you are. Remember who you came from. Look at me, and see who you are.’

And just like that, I felt a stirring within my soul, a yearning for freedom. I felt the raging clouds within me take a hike. Like the turning from one page to another, I felt the whisper of freedom and He guided my soul’s hands to grasp it.

Now here I am, fear free, and in the still waters, I have found a home.