Praise Yahweh. Over the last two weeks, God has been impressing upon me the revelation that His judgements should inspire worship, praise, honor, adoration and love; not fear, intimidation, weeping, despair, or rage.


If you focus on the book of Revelations alone, every time God passes judgment or sends out a decree concerning creation, all the creatures and peoples surrounding His throne fall face down and sing His praises. 


I will show you briefly that this is true.


When you stand before a judge waiting for them to pass judgment, you look to them with the hope that their judgment will be in your favor: now these are flawed, human judges.


Think of the All knowing, Almighty, Omnipotent, fair God, whose anger is fleeting, whose loving kindness is legendary and who sent His only Son to redeem us. That is a God whose judgements we should long for. The Psalmist says that righteousness and justice are the foundations of God’s throne.


If you and I consider ourselves Kingdom Sons, then we should emulate the angels, the elders, the living creatures that surround God’s throne. When He passes judgement, let’s worship Him, even through the pain. Even with the life leaving our bodies, we should look forward to the incorruptible body promised us.


I don’t mean to say that His judgments are painless: all I am saying is that God is good, and all that He does is good. 


God’s judgements are good, because He is good.

God’s judgements are not meant to cripple us, destroy us or cause us pain because His word says that He does not delight in our pain.

His word says that His plans are not to fail us, but to give us a beautiful ending.

God’s judgments are a reflection of His nature because He never does anything contrary to His word.

God’s judgements are meant for restoration, healing, justice, and are a reflection of His love and benevolence.

See Revelations 3:19

As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten; be zealous therefore, and repent.


Now let us start with Revelations 5:8

After Jesus takes the book with the Seven Seals which contain God’s judgments, the four beasts, and the 24 elders fall down before Him, each one with a harp, and golden vials with incense ( the prayers of the saints) and they sing Him a new song which you’ll find in Rev 5:9-14.


Continue to Revelations 7 after the opening of the 6th seal,  Verses 9-12 show us all the created things in heaven worshipping God, right after a judgement has been passed with four angels holding the four winds of the earth, their purpose to hurt the earth. However another angel comes to them and says in Verse 3, “Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads”


After the Seventh seal is opened in Revelations Chapter 8, seven angels stand before God and they are given seven trumpets. We use trumpets often in our worship of Abba Father. However these trumpets were an instrument of seven judgements to be released upon the earth. 


When the judgements are complete, we see all creatures once again fall face down, to worship Abba Father. See Revelations 11:15-17


God, our God knows you and I more intimately than we will ever know ourselves. He also loves us more than we or anybody else ever could.


God our God sees you, your pain, your despair, your loss, your shame, your rejection, and it breaks His heart to.


That is why He invites us to see our circumstances through His eyes. When you see God as He is, you can’t help but worship Him and adore Him.

But when you see Him through your circumstances, you will be overtaken by fear, anger, hate, discontentment and a host of other burdens you were not designed to carry.


There’s a reason praise is sometimes called “A sacrifice of praise” 


So whatever you see, or experience today, worship Jesus. He’s got the whole world in His hands, and He neither sleeps, nor slumbers.