In holy haste I approach your eternal throne in the knowledge my time is fast spent.

I’m most undeserving of your attention and affection but without you I will waste away with no hope of redemption
Hear me now because your kindness and justice are reknown. Your lovingkindness gives me courage to approach.
The sacrifice of Your Son Jesus Christ will not let me be silent. Innocent blood calls for vengeance and for recompense.

Because I love the Lord, even filthy I come with hope in my heart for a humble and contrite spirit you gave your word to cherish.
I come Oh Lamb of God. Your Voice is my sustenance. Hear me, heal my heart.
Lies have smothered my faith and slit my hopes to smitherines.

I come hungry for truth only you can give. I posture my heart for sustenance only you can give.

Consume me with your desire. Fill me to overflowing, so I will thirst no more.

Help me to be content with your love and affection.

Show me your face, and I will be captured, eternally enraptured by you.

My magnificent Lord, let your majesty and glory consume my entire being so I will stay forever.

Lead me to you, forever let me pursue. You’ve won my heart, Jesus you’re all that I want, all that I want

Here I will wait, just for a glimpse of you God. I’ll wait for you God.
Open my eyes, just for a glimpse of your face, I wait for you God.
All I need is you, all I need is you Lord
All I want is you, All I want is you Lord
Is you Lord, you Lord

The host of heaven bows down to worship you
Among the cherubims you dwell
High, exalted, above all created things you reign
You have no rival, you have no equal
Your wisdom is reknown
Your love everlasting
Your faithfulness sure
The heavens declare your glory
Word of God
Love looks good on you
Your wings of love encircle me in an eternal embrace
Peace is mine

My mind is poured at your feet, my heart poured out, all experience poured out.
I come to spend all of me, till I’m emptied and pour all for you, you revive me Lord.
My soul Lord is thirsty, only you can satisfy, you’re the well that never will run dry