57233943_2140773769340209_7519572503535026176_nI am Yours….You Are mine..
Lord I pray for the Song of all Songs, for I trust it is better than the finest wine.
Draw me: Let us revel in each other. Your chamber is magnificent. All the upright in heart are drawn to thee my Love for yours is a Holy Flame.
My soul loves you Lord of Lords: Incomparable you are.
You call me fairest among all. You’ve adorned me with silver and gold: You robed in righteousness.
As you kiss me with the kissses of your mouth, Heaven meets earth.
I am to you a most pleasing bundle of myrrh.
I see fire in your eyes my love: I see you Fairest Lord: Most Fair, Most beautiful King: I rejoice in your magnificence.
Had I the custody of all of creation’s expressions of adoration, still I couldn’t capture the true essence of you.
Lover and friend reveal to me your delight.
I take pleasure in all that you are Rose of Sharon.
Your fruit: Every word you speak awakens mysterious tastes and flavors on my tongue.
Stay me: Steady me for I’m sick with the fiercest passion my Universe:
The Voice of my Heartbeat beckons.
See! He comes leaping upon the mountains, skipping over the hills: Nothing will keep Him from me: Nothing will keep us apart.
Now He reveals Himself to me: “Come away with Me My Love” He says
“Fair one” He calls me
“Winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth: The time of singing has come.”
Our voices meld beautifully in a heavenly symphony.
Among the cherubims He dwells.
From the clefts of the rock, in the secret places, He beckons me.
Face to face at last!
My voice He awakens and demands. He delights to gaze upon me.
Our vines have tender grapes.
We’ve arrested the little foxes and cast them into the eternal lake of fire.
No more do they torment us and spoil our tender grapes.