The fire in your eyes burns something fierce in the depth of my soul,

and now surrounded by the bluest flame alive,

I know You love me something heavenly-

You love me something deep-

deeper than the deepest deep

you love me something holy

so still by the still waters I linger

so I can drink deep of the deep of your love

the closer we get, the more enamored I become

there’s no end to the discovery that is your affection

my head against your heart, I know I am home

because you love me something fierce and lovely and heavenly

because you love me something towering,

I lounge in the shadow of your wings

one with you,

at home with you

I am called by your name

because you love me something eternal

you love me something

something about your love

something protective about

the fire

the passion

the purity

the honesty

the truth that is our love

this song

this dance

it never ends

you are infinity

you love me something bigger and better than my heartbeat

because if I have you

I need no heartbeat

it is your breath in my lungs

your heart beats for mine

You love me something fierce

You love me something heavenly

You love me something towering

You love me something eternal

something pure

something new every morning

something Holy

Till I long as you long