Unlock my ears to hear your voice,

let me unravel at the brush of your breath on my neck,

as a furnace explodes in my chest,

my eyes eternally level with yours,

your eyes-the bright depth of a sunny sky.

Your voice has the power of thunder but the calming effect of an afternoon breeze

I want to hear all you say

my heart to the rhythm of your heartbeat,

but the tide rages and roars in my ears

my body alive and aflame to many passions and desires

they rip through me, and shred all logic.


I am now only an extension of the ebb and flow of the wind, sun, earth and sea,

I fight for what I cannot see,

I want what is denied me,

and reject what is offered me.


You say you’ve loved me since before the sands of time where made,

so I lounge on this beach and sift the sand through my fingers.

You say you love me still,

so I close my eyes and picture you, because I cannot see you

You say my worship is your fire,

so I lose myself in the melody of you


Am I truly chosen as yours?

It doesn’t feel that way,

but you say to live carnally is death

so how do I embrace and keep you,

and know that with every sensation, you are

that every rush of beauty, in taste, feel, sound, sight

is your love resounding