I am His belonging.

Because I am His belonging, He sets me securely on high ground and hems me in.

He honors me because I am His. He is committed to me as I am to Him.

I am deeply loved, cherished, and he delivers me from the arrows that fly in the day and the pestilence by night.

No evil or terror shall come near me. I know His name. The name above all names. He is my habitation.

No trouble will overwhelm me, because I am His. He goes before me, and after me, and every moment in between for I am the apple of His eye.

I will walk through fire and not be burned because He treasures me more than His own life.

Deserts flood with rivers because in Him is only life. In His eyes I am the lily of valleys and rose of Sharon.

Oceans part before me, at the whisper of His name. My heart yields and melts in His peace.

He adores the sound of my voice and endlessly nudges me to sing to His heartbeat. His Chambers are forever open to me. His love tastes better than ageless wine. He is the sun shining on me, and the whisper of the wind all around and inside me.

I am the sweet perfume He so loves to fill His atmosphere and His courts. He is my adornment. He says my eyes are two doves.

His banner over me is love, and His fruit is sweet to my taste.

His left hand is under my head, and His right hand embraces me. He says my lips drip nectar- honey and milk are under my tongue. In me He finds no fault. I am drunk on love. My heart remains awake, even when I am asleep.

Now the day breathes, and the shadows flee. I am His, He is mine.