My heart has not known a moment of peace

the air around me is unsettled

constantly shimmering with your essence

I get on my knees

unsure whether to pray that this be taken away

or that it be given form


I worry that if I am honest

I lose

that if I accept the possibility of this

I am setting myself up for another mouthful of heartache


And no I don’t know how to be;

in the heart of the music,

in my minds eye,

I am dancing in circles, happy, free:


the drumbeats however

are a constant reminder of past hoof-beats

and the wind carries a different song of endless possibilities

meanwhile inside my heart

the flame that once glowed, flares, full blown

the scarlets and blues cloud my never clear vision


The confusion is as a cup of twisted ribbons of rainbows

some sing of hope, some sing of confusion

but at the heart of it all is you

and the fact

I can’t stop thinking about you