The candor of your love leaps off the pages of the universe this day.

You wrote me a letter last night; ‘I can’t wait for you to see the dawn tomorrow. I have painted it with you in mind.’

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Riding to work this morning, I saw your eyes in the fiery golden rays of the dawn of a new day.

I stumbled upon a rose; a lone red figure among greens, and thought: my friend must be saying hello.

So I looked at the moon, yet to completely fade and traced it with my palm. A wave to you.

Today I needed my best friend; so I closed my eyes and prayed for a  meet: and there we were, together, foreheads touching, in the heart of a rainbow.

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Today your crown stops my heart. Jasper. Gold pure as glass. Sapphire. Agate. onyx. Chalcedony. Emeralds. Ruby. Chrysolite. Beryl.Topaz. Turquoise. Jacinth. Amethyst. All these jewels winking at me.

My eyes blink open and close successively, staggered by you.

The walls around me are crafted in pearls clear as the air; I can see for miles on every side.

And the music. God, the music in your presence brings me to my knees. And when I cry, its for the exploding fireworks of joy in my heart.

I want to stay here. Forever. Like this. You weave time to your bidding, so nothing but you matters.

Now you hold two stars in your hands, between us. The play of light bouncing on and off. Are we dancing on light rays? Could we truly be dancing and flying all at once?

More than two millennia ago you put a crown on my head, but feeling abandoned I discarded it. Two millennia is a long time

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Even so, I have felt your warmth. Awake. Sleeping. And now here we are. I am spinning in a circle. You have restored my crown, and your eyes overflow with boundless love and devotion.

I know you gave your life for mine so long ago. But still, daily you dazzle me with your unrestrained, uncontrolled, unreserved love.

You are always what I need, in every season, whether or not I know it.

You are love. I know you are, because I am nestled in the heart of you. I have not sung in awhile. Think I lost my song awhile back; but now our voices rise together as one, to a concerto of violins, acoustics, harps, saxophones, cellos, trumpets, flutes and harps.

You say I can’t stay. That it’s not time for us to dance together forevermore, but how can I turn my back on you, my lifeline?

You say my eyes rival your stars, and I believe you because you lovingly molded every part of me.