It tingles.

Shimmers right before it explodes;
Just underneath my skin-
In its wake goosies, restlessness, a spongebob head
It’s obvious you’re meant for me.

My crux swells, and am short of breath
Whoosh I have to slow my breathin
So I don’t suffocate
There are bugs crawling just beneath the surface
can’t keep still
and everything but you recedes further and further
till I am oblivious to all ‘cept these sensations.


Did I just ran a marathon unawares?
Feels like I am standing outside myself
And watching me from the side
Losing myself till
Even I have ceased
But the love bugs persistent tease my senses
And render me immobile.


Just under my skin
A furnace of seven suns melts every pore of resistance
And I pour all over you
Flesh and bone
It’s obvious you’re meant for me.