We ran into each other in the parking lot of Serena hotel. Not our first chance encounter.

Seeing you, standing next to you, talking to you for that spell of three minutes;

I could swear my heart beat faster than time itself, as I memorized each inflection in your tone.

I remember my legs move of their own volition to you, and for a change I didn’t contemplate that seeing you for so short a time would rapture my heart to shards.

The world ceased and all I could do was feel as you stared deep into my eyes; excited as I was but unable to reach out. My head spun, tangled in threads of emotion unfathomable and while there was so much to say, I was content to just be with you.

Words could wait.

You smiled. Surprised. Pleased at our chance encounter.

Later, standing in the International Press Room, I watched you drive away with my heart.

I don’t see you often, but not a breath goes by without my mind, heart and body whispering your name.


But for now, Pieces of your love blow my way, carried on the wings of the wind.

A call, an accidental meeting, a whatsapp text, or a drop in my text messages

A meeting where only our eyes do the talking

Sometimes a writer will write about you, so I get a glimpse of your picture in a newspaper or on my TV screen.

Pieces of your love; bread crumbs I get to keep me dancing to a tune I can’t resist.

A fire smoldering beneath my breast bone; the shadows in the flames neither dark nor long enough to conceal stray thoughts; all of them-

Everything else is an echo. Only you.

Reserved, restrained, almost wild but not quite when you’re with me