It is still too early. I know because I feel the dampĀ  cool fingers of morning dew brush my tilted face. But my face feels hot. Some of the thoughts behind it.

Dreams of the night before. Interesting surreal stuff.

I was first lady of the United States of America. It was Michelle Obama’s fault.

It all started at some kind of charity event. Children. Lots of security.

She was taking me to the head of security to ensure my credentials were entered into the system.

He seemed surprised when I introduced myself. But quickly responded when he realized it was true.

Later we went to the White house. And all this time everyone seemed to fall in line behind the authority that had me there; even though to me it seemed unreal.

I examine the still dark sky for a sign this day will be beautiful. There’s music. Happy chirps, and squeals of delight from birds that herald this day with me.

‘Will this day be great?’ ‘Will this day be special?’

But before it sneaked up on me in the throes of a befuddled unconscious state of mind, I did not know I dreamed.

Hmmm. Deep breath. Whatever face this day shows, I am ready. Because dreams do come true.