The colors are screaming red. The tires are screeching to a halt on the gravel. Light is exploding in my brain, my vision blurred with mist. I shield my eyes from the glare of the moon with my wrist.

Morning is a long way off, but I have to go. If I had the strength to let you in, I should be strong enough to let you go.

The stars stare at my still form now, on this quiet night and mock my shaky resolve.

They bear witness to what you no doubt can never see. The tears are clogged in my throat. I cannot let the moon see any more than he already has.

He might whisper secrets has has no business revealing.

Who says love should break me?  Logic fled my company ages ago. Because these steps I have taken with eyes closed.

Don’t ask me why.  Whether or not this is strength, I knew I had to let you go at some point.

But the road I stare at in this twilight is an empty one.