My truest taste of wine, was off your lips. Deep in your mouth I found my tongue wrapped in the most exquisite love play.

Bursts and flames of sun and light and heat obliterated everything. Now drunk on you, I keep falling deeper each day.

A little unsteady, I am floating among the strings of the music you play.No more me; but an extension of you; only running as far as your arms’ length to be pulled right back.

Before I roamed, chased and hounded love. Love eluded me in turn. He circled me, baited me only to drop me a thousand feet with no safety net.

Like the wind parts the folds of red rose petals, your hands roam the walls of my heart, filling voids I didn’t know holed up inside me.

Light as the wind, caution is lost in translation.


Now the curtain falls and we both rush to pull it back up.

Piece by piece it all comes together. You on the first and last page and every moment in between.

Thoughts, hands, souls, skins aligned no breath in between.