Let’s go to the place-
where flowers don’t wither and die but live forever
and when we ride the peak of sun-
our passions don’t scorch us to extinction

let’s make our home beyond the moon and stars
warm airsoft clouds our bed- devoid of thorns





A light bulb that warms my blood till my skin is clamoring to be shed.



the time is never quite enough with you.

I sought logic’s counsel when I met you-

but logic deserted me upon diagnosis.

I forget every caution- my heart beats more than a little bit faster-

even my hands are not quite steady-

when you’re near.


And yet-

this cannot be-

You cannot be –


And yet you are-

that restlessness that will not let me be-

that impossible endless sweet dream at all hours-

awake- asleep-

your hands-
paint a universe for you and I-

where time stops and starts again-

at the sight of you-

at the sound of your voice-

in the warmth of your embrace,
mutima gwangye.unknow_lovers_by_guilhermegn