My heart stopped beating,

valves dry twigs waxing to ash,

and the blood- black red peels of waste.


The eyes could only catch a flicker of light,

so I rammed into whatever dustbin,  person, broken glass, or tree got in my way.

The echoes in my ears swelled,

as I heard only the spongy emptiness resounding left to right.


Wrapped in the oblivion only ice can give,

I stared at the tears shed around me, and felt nothing.

The beauty of the gold, heavenly white, bold red, and purple meadows touched not a strand of my heart.


Even the crowns of the skies flew so low their wings touched my ear-

but the din in my head masked their majesty-

and so it was no surprise that I found myself at the bottom of the void

but remembered not the sinking


Lost in the maze of past hurts and disappointments

I forged my fate.