‘Who needs a heart when it can be broken?’


‘I mean it only hurts when I am breathing.’

‘It does?’

‘Yes. My dreams only die when I dream.’

‘Do they now?’

‘Hormones, misguided passions, river-blindness- that’s all’

(love nods head)

‘In fact am convinced all these creatures who sing of this ailment are delusional.’

‘Delusional? Perhaps you are onto something.’

‘How do you keep betting on something as intangible and unreliable as this notion?’

‘Good question’


‘Are you having sleepless nights over him?’ Love wants to know

I nod absently.

‘And you said it only hurts when you breathe? So have you figured out a way to stop breathing?’

‘I am working on it.’

‘I see.’

‘Let me know when you have me all figured out.’

‘Will do indeed.’