Tourist watch as the moon passes in front of the sun as it approaches a full solar eclipse in the northern Australian city of Cairns

I had no business falling in love. Not with him anyway. As a matter of fact- the sign on my door read closed until further notice.

Thus how he slinked beyond that citadel caught me off guard.

When the warm, hot and cold star-dust was flung in my face, I stared into the cold unforgiving face of destiny. He had no right. I did not pray. I did not ask.

But unbidden, he plunked right into my head. No forewarning.

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So the hiccups, splutters and chocking began, as the dust spread his warm fingers from my eyes to my breastbone, my stomach all warm and fuzzy till they touched my toes now cold with uncertainty.

Still I had no business falling in love. Not with him anyway.
But when I felt the warm secrets of the wind brush my cheeks, I closed my eyes and sunk a little deeper.

Under cloak of night those fingers sunk deeper wrapping my heart tight in a noose that soon began to chafe and choke.
The clouds once a soft velvety comfort beneath my feet were now a mockery to my dreams.

Even then, the eagle in me flew far and wide, eager, hungry for every morsel of his being- a nightingale that haunted his dreams for a taste of that bliss only he could give.

The quiet stolen smiles, lingering gazes, and un- returned calls.

Unbidden. Unacknowledged.

A one way street with no return ticket.


When the rain fell, I tilted my face to the heavens to embrace it. The return of the sun found me equally eager, and the gloom of night had me expectant, but the dawn bore a stark clarity that dared my blissful ignorance.

So you see, I had no business falling in love. Not with him anyway.

He was not what I needed. He still isn’t, but tell that to my forlorn heart, and listen to the endless echoes of hope reverberate.

Defying time, distance, reason, every season.17SCANDAL-articleLarge