That’s me down there. Mired in the bog of my perceptions, preconceptions and transgressions. If you look closely, the recognition will hit you right-center, dazzle you- maybe blind you.

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Because you know me.

I am you.

It all started in my mother’s womb naturally.

God chose life for me, and I -well- chose the alternative.

Since then, I have done nothing but try to thwart Him of course. Rolling in the mud, smearing myself with grime, wearing ear-pads, gorging out my eyes and standing still as a statue.

Anything to show Him. ‘I don’t need saving.’

Well, He naturally had other ideas. He stayed. And I walked around him, prancing and boasting my genius. After all I had all of heaven at a standstill fighting for my soul. How important is that.

Anyway He continued chasing me up-down-left-right-center-inside-out. Left no room for excuse. Whatever I did, He loved me a little more everyday. There. Constant. Unchanging. Unending. Never ending. Never failing.

So here I am. Obscured by my choices, unrecognizable. Immovable. Drowning.

And here He remains.

In the air I breath. In the still sapphire sky, in the emerald green grass, in the ruby sunset, in the diamond crystal clear waters, in the scarlet thread running through my veins, in the golden smiles of strangers, warmth of friends, in the searing burn in my chest, and the beat of my heart.

You see-now I am running to Him-because I don’t want to stop living, breathing, seeing, embracing, and feeling all of Him- beyond beauty- beyond human tongues- beyond written words- beyond description-beyond knowledge-beyond life.