Ended as quickly as it’d began

‘Not quite yet.’ quietly like falling dew

‘Don’t leave quite yet.’ the thickening smoke, stark white, chocking.

‘No I don’t need saving. Let’s fall together, die and come back to life as one.’

‘No I don’t know I can survive this. Here. You.’

Palm to palm, nose to nose, foreheads touch. Breaths mingle, fate, destiny scatter washing hands free of us.

‘And if I saved my heart for you, would I ever have your love?’

‘Love is such a fragile gift when it’s someone you feel magic with. Wouldn’t you say?’

‘Who are we fooling? Together we are one, but apart……… tell me you feel it too’

My mind awash with the unfurling doubts, inevitabilities. I hang on too tightly.

Fleetingly wonder, is it scarlet in the day? Even if it is real, does he want it as badly as by.

His eyes, gone for a moment tell all. There you go, as though never here. Mind conjecture perhaps?