Quietly you roar! Desperately you moan

You stand tall as the Kilimanjaro

the wealth of you boggles human definitions, beyond description

you are Uganda, the heart of me,the heart of Africa.

Your ageless eyes have borne bloodshed, corruption beyond hell’s flames, and still you stand

so proud, beyond submission

daily you mock those who seek to squander and rape your goldmines – outlive every scheme

Patiently you wait, heart never wavering, embracing all, forgiving all

I love you Uganda

Every morning I awake to the sheer magnificence of you

Beyond comprehension, how you hold me together, giving me so much never demanding anything in return

Uganda the heart of Africa

Life starts, ends with you

the wildest shades of gold, deep bold scarlets, boundless blues, and heartwrenching grays steal my heart

no I don’t mind

Let the rivers roar and oceans rage, let the sun sizzle and burn,

today you stand defying the 53rd birthday claim: you have been here forever;

and here you stay, ageless, without end.