He packed her up in a suitcase and sold her to the highest bidder. An old friend of 77 was to have his 12 year old daughter for his 5th wife.

He could not live with the shame of raising his grandchild- child.

What do you call a child born between father and daughter?

I have questioned what drives a parent to lust after his own child. He looks at her and instead of being assailed by love, affection, and protection, he is assailed by lust-love, mindless wanting, and sexual perversion.

To justify his actions, he convinced himself she was her mother, and in a drunken stupor bought his own lie. When day broke, he pretended nothing had happened, and ashamed, the girl followed suit, trying to make herself as invisible as possible.

The Buganda culture insists children belong to their father and father’s family. Upon separation, most traditional families insist the father retains the children, especially with the common practice of cohabitation that leaves a woman with no proof or evidence of the relationship.

With no legal evidence of marriage, no property, no employment, no means of making money, Nakazibwe’s mother thought her daughter was better off with the father.

Love is dismissed by some as illusion, but could the breakdown of a relationship be blamed for a father looking at his daughter as a pleasure thing of sorts?

Nakazibwe wanted to call her mother for help, but she had no cell phone. She knew he’d come to her room again that night, but respect, fear and hope kept her immobile; those survival instincts long rendered inactive by submission to the heavy hand that housed her.

She heard someone walk into a wall and knew he was home.