A slap of white flashes of colour, swirls of scarlet red, then the onslaught of darkness: blurred visions of hope, the rope roped tight round my neck.

I saw him yesterday. Smiling for all the world as though I am his world. ‘I think you’re a ten out of ten.’ The flavour of his words, so uniquely him floors me, and my eyes glow; a cat’s tongue wrapped in whipped cream.

The tender brush of the wind brings on a fantasy. I have stared in the face of love, his; dove deep into the wells of the boundless passion of his eyes when they glow with intent. His voice has soared me to undiscovered unearthly mines of ruby delusions of completion.

I have tasted love on my tongue, in these visions of sky light, and blue diamond kissed sunsets.

Soaked in sensual abandon, I have soared beyond the eagles, wrapped in the promise of you.

I love all of you.

Sunday at the beach, watching the moon cast his light, a little boy gave me a card marked J, with a beautiful image; two people so in love laughing with abandon, and I thought of you.

I will be seeing you long after the desert of your desertion has burned to ashes, my tongue dry, famished and bitter from no promises but dripping with honey for your taste only.

Through the morning Bukoto– Wadegeya traffic Jam, thoughts of you keep me sane.

When the mid morning sun excruciating in its onslaught suffocates me and steals my breath, your cold gaze is my refuge.

The engine dies and revs to life again; in my being the tremors of you live on, reminding me everyday of what I have not been given a chance to have and to hold.

Through the thorns, briers,and white roses.

Just good ageless chemistry, magnetism its only formula.

It belies magical wands, spells, and rituals.

Girded, guarded by God, See? I am flying. You the wind in my sails