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My eyes have only recently been opened. My feet cannot hold me up just yet, but my mind is too busy, too impatient and wants to do so much all at once, go everywhere all at once, and I am constantly tripping.  I need my milk too, but mommy I think that is what I must call her doesn’t notice. Occasionally when she’s not too busy to notice me, she keeps pointing at herself and saying the name over and over again.

I am lonely though. There are all these faces, they go on and on, different each time, each wanting to hold me. I just want mommy, but she won’t look my way until I cry so she has to keep me quiet to restore the peace.

Today her eyes are a different color, pink, or red I am not sure. The color is quite deeper than usual, so I think it is red, and there’s water coming from her eyes, endless buckets of it. I am worried, I think she’s lonely like me, I am not sure. But I am glad she holds me tighter than usual.