I am listening to Nightingale Demi Lovato, and have had it on replay more than I can count. I love this so.

Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

I love music and lyrics. Maybe I love the words more than anything. However, the moment when beautiful words collide with moving chords is my bliss

That’s an unexplainable feeling I covet

I will try my best to describe the incredible feeling…

Your hands start shaking in a frenzy, and your heart is throbbing. Lust is exquisitely at its highest. Waiting for the next melodybefore you can exhale and climax. The same words that excite your soul to devilish extreme can soothe you to angelic dreams

Appearances can’t be felt but sound waves penatrate the heart.
Most want to see images of people to determine their worth. I want to hear the mouthpiece of individuals. The organ that best represents someone isn’t their heart. I believe the music box is the organ that bleeds red. It is the heart of the soul

I could fall in love with someone by…

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